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If you pay for childcare, using vouchers saves many parents £1,000s a year in tax. If you're not taking advantage, check them out as a matter of urgency.

They're a special government scheme operated through employers that allow you to pay for childcare from your PRE-tax salary. It mightn't sound a big deal, but the impact can be huge.

Childcare vouchers can save many parents with kids aged up to 15 over £1,000 a year on childcare.

how many vouchers can i buy

Basic rate tax payers (and higher/top rate payers who joined before 5 April 2011) can pay for up to £243 of childcare with vouchers each month (£55/week). This is PER PARENT so two working parents could get £486 a month of vouchers.

From 6 Apr 2011 new joiners paying higher or top rate tax had their allowance dropped so that all tax payers have roughly the same maximum tax gain. The new limits are:

Basic (20%) Taxpayer. £55/week vouchers, max annual gain £920.

Higher (40%) Taxpayer. £28/week voucher, max annual gain £610.

Top (50%) Taxpayer. £22/week voucher, max annual gain £590.

The number of children you have doesn't impact this, the limits are the same whether you've one or more children

Vouchers aren't specific to each child and have a long expiry date, so if you know you're going to have higher childcare costs in the near future get the maximum allowance now.

Also many providers will let you backdate vouchers up to six months, although your child must be born for you to be able to sign up. Check your individual provider's procedures first.


What childcare qualifies?

You must use registered or approved childcare. This can include nurseries, childminders, foster carers, out of school hours clubs and nannies.

There are different registration and approval rules for each part of the UK. Check that your childcare provider meets these rules before you make your claim.

Who can qualify?

You're a lone parent
You must work 16 hours or more a week to claim help with childcare costs.

You're part of a couple
Generally you and your partner must both work 16 hours or more a week to claim help. Only one of you has to work 16 hours or more if the other is:

  • ill or disabled and claiming disability benefits
  • in hospital
  • in prison - serving a custodial sentence or remanded in custody awaiting trial or sentence


    You're off work - can you still claim?

    There are situations where you can still claim for help with childcare costs. These are explained below.

    You're on maternity, paternity or adoption leave

    • If you were working at least 16 hours a week immediately before you went on leave - and any of the following apply:
    • you get maternity allowance
    • you're on ordinary maternity or adoption leave
    • you're in the first 13 weeks of additional maternity or adoption leave
    • you're on your two weeks of paternity leave

    You're off sick from work
      If you were working at least 16 hours a week immediately before you went off sick - and both of the following apply:
    • you're off sick for 28 weeks or less
    • you get one of certain state benefits - for example Employment and Support Allowance, Statutory Sick Pay or National Insurance Credits because you have limited capability for work (that is your illness or disability affects the amount and type of work you can do)

    If you were off work for one of the following reasons before you went off sick, you can still claim help with childcare costs:

    • you were on maternity, paternity or adoption leave
    • you were on the first ten days of strike leave
    • you were suspended from work

    You must have been working at least 16 hours a week beforehand.

    How much help you can get

    You can get help with up to 70 per cent of your childcare costs - up to certain limits.

    If you pay childcare for:

    • one child, the maximum childcare cost you can claim is £175 a week
    • two or more children, the maximum cost you can claim is £300 a week

      This means that the maximum help you can get for your childcare is:

    • £122.50 a week for one child
    • £210 a week for two or more children

    But you won't necessarily get the full £122.50 or £210 a week - the actual amount you get will depend on your income. The lower your income, the more tax credits you can get.


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