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Dunkys Day Nursery Warrington, is located in the Sankey Bridges area. Situated under the 'Pink eye', as it is known locally. The building was previously a public house and hotel and has been transformed into a state of the art nursery whilst keeping some of the buildings special and unique. The building is very spacious indoors , ans is registered for 55 children on the ground floor and also boasts an extensive garden area.

The nursery has the highest standar of security including a state of the art Biometric fingerprint door access and CCTV in all rooms. The nursery caters for children ages between 0 - 5 years and we have the facilities breakfast club, after school and holidy clubs for children ages 5 - 13 years with the flexibility of a term time only and shift rota contracts available for all age groups.

The nursery has a large baby room, toddler room and pre-school room, all with drect access to the outdoors. Our rooms are very comfortable and equipped with ots of soft furnishings where the children can relax and spend quality time making new friends and learning new skill in a stimulating and educational environment. We encourage childrens independence and we regularly consult with children to ensure their involvement in making decisions and having choices about their rooms, equipment and activities. Our garden is fully secure with a large bricked wall around the perimeter.

We grow our own fruits and vegetables which the children use in their weekly cookery lessons where they have the opportunity to learn all about the food groups. Together with their enjoyment of the healthy balanced meals and snacks offered throughout the day at nursery we want to look after the health and wellbeing of all the children in our care. That is why we actively promote healthy choices such as outdoor play, simple hygiene routines and cooking activities.The outdoors will be accessed by all the children throughout the day - "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!"
As well as supporting the children with hand washing and hair brushing,all the children (babies from 6 months) will have their own toothbrushes to encourage independence and routine of their own personal hygiene. All of this combined will encourage lifestyle choices that will remain with them into their adulthood.

Our curriculum is based on each individual child and their stage of development as well as their current interests. Staff can identify the characteristics of effective learning to ensure an enriched environment to support every child's learning style. We offer a wide range of opportunities such as creative and messy play, sensory play, baking,understanding of the world, imaginative play and role play,problem solving reasoning and numeracy, information and communication technology and much more..

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Menu (PDF) / Menu for Babies(PDF)

Often overlooked nutrition is an essential aspect of a child’s development.  We have a full time chef at the nursery that prepares and cooks all of the meals, fresh produce is used everyday and purchased locally.  We provide morning and afternoon snacks which are low in sugar and high in nutrition.  All our snacks are sugar free and fresh fruit and vegetables are always available and included on a daily basis.
Menus are displayed in the entrance for parents to view.  We take mealtimes very seriously here at Dunky’s so we have taken measures to ensure that our menus are balanced and nutritious.
If your child has a medical or dietary need then we will be happy to cater for this.  Our staff are encouraged to sit and eat with the children to promote healthy eating and act as a good role model and to encourage children’s social skills.
In addition to our normal six week menu which incorporates foods from other cultures, there will be themed days linked to international holidays and celebrations to encourage diversity of the palate and offer some educational possibilities. The staff hold basic cookery classes with the children in addition to outside agencies coming in.  

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